SNA [Student Nurse's Association]

SNA has been active throughout the year and college celebrates various National and Cultural festivals.

The Student Nurses Association Unit was started in our college in the year 2004. Every year under SNA, various cultural & sports activities are held at college level. Students have also participated in state level intercollegiate competitions held from 2004 onwards. The SNA executive body at college level would consist of President, Vice-President, SNA Advisor, Treasurer, Cultural committee Chairman, Sports committee Chairman, Student Welfare Committee Chairman. Under the guidance of SNA executive body various festivals are celebrated in our college. It is registered under National & state branches.

PRESIDENT Prof. B.H.Rajashekaraiah (Principal)
SNA advisor Mrs. Infant Henzia T (Lecturer)
Vice President Ms. Ponveda Praveen (3rd year B.Sc (N))
Secretary Ms. Tasmiya Naz Parveen (3rd year B.Sc (N))
Treasurer Ms. Princy (2nd year B.Sc (N))
Cultural Secretary Ms. Chingakham Dhanalaxmi Chanu (2nd year B.Sc (N))
Sports Secretary Mr. Naorem Jackson Singh (1st year B.Sc (N))
Students Welfare Secretary Ms. Anuradha Chetrry(2nd year B.Sc (N))
Academic Welfare Secretary Ms. Jingam Karlo (1st year B.Sc (N))
  1. Encouragement for participation in cultural activities.
  2. Organization of cultural competitions/ college day, every year for the students and faculty of the institution.
  3. The cultural competition include variety of events such as Dance, Music, Flower arrangement, Rangoli, Painting, Clay modeling, Anthakshari, Quiz, Debate, essay writing etc.
  1. Encouragement for participation in sports.
  2. Facility for indoor and outdoor sports activities such as Cricket, Badminton, Throw ball, Chess, Carom, etc.
  3. Organization of sports meets every year for the students and faculty of the institution.

Students are encouraged to play the following games for which necessary equipment will be provided by the institution.

  1. Cricket
  2. Volley ball
  3. Carom
  4. Badminton